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Raistlin Majere
Current Residence: Krynn
Personal Quote: Shirak!
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:star:Welcome to the Raistlin Majere Club:star:

shadows and fever
no-one hears him cry
so he turns to evil

'Raistlin and the Rose'   © Lake of Tears

:star:LATEST NEWS :star:

July, 25 - I've added all new members! So lets say hello to :iconconreeaght: :iconalyx-sama: :iconcainkinris: :iconneko-chiaki4: :icondragonvenom0910: :iconprofessoroakcane: :iconrevocat: :iconsqueezoid: :iconedetnitt: :iconvermilionmasquerade: :iconkaaper: :iconsmurf-reap: :iconkiesu: :iconmonica-ng: :iconuntermbettheuer: :iconhappy-snappy: :iconshunjou: :icondrottningfrey:
That's a lot! I'm sorry I kept you waiting so long. If i forgot to add someone don't hesitate to comment! I'll add all submissions in the nearest future.

Also while reading your joining notes I see many stories of how you found out about DL and why you like Raistlin. I think we might get further along and start a special page so that everyone could share their thoughts about DL! Maybe I'll get a paid subscribtion for the club so that we could have polls and shoutbox =) I want to make the club really a CLUB and not just a dead page with member names  ;)

Watch for updates! :D

July, 21 - I'm glad to announce that the club is back! Yes! Everyone who are waiting to join - thank you for patience! You will be added to the members list in the next few days!
The reason the club was down - I was off to another country and had a very limited internet access. But now I'm back and all will start off again! =)
Raistlin-Majere-club admin.
P.S. How did you find the DRAGONLANCE movie? I'd love to hear your comments on this! :D



:star:++HOW TO JOIN++:star:
:bulletred: 1. You should like Raistlin Majere or at least know who he is

:bulletred: 2. Send a note to the club with the title 'Join'
don't just leave comments, they may be missed! Notes are checked every day!

:bulletred: 3.* Add a club icon or link somewhere on your page and/or signature :deviator:
it's simple like :icon*Raistlin-Majere-club: (without * after "icon") to get the :iconraistlin-majere-club: and :dev*Raistlin-Majere-club: (also without * ) to get Raistlin-Majere-club
But remember that you can't insert icons to the signature!

:bulletred: 4. Devwatch the club for updates! :+devwatch:

--And you'll become a member! 8-)
If you join and then participate in contests - that would be great!!

-- :star:To affiliate - Just send us a note "AFFILIATE" :emailsend:

*This is optional, but If you do so, more people will know about the club and join.. and that means we'll have contests and other interesting things. :XD: So if you want to help the club - add the icon or link somewhere, please! It is important especially now, when the club has just started  :please:

** Please note that the club is not :+watch: its members anymore... due to the amount of members!**


:star:++HOW TO MAKE A SUBMISSION++:star:
:bulletblue: 1. You should check that it has Raistlin somewhere in it =) The club is dedicated to him, after all...
:bulletblue: 2. Send us note to with the title "SUBMIT"
:bulletblue: 3. Include there a link to your artwork or fanfiction or cosplay - whatever you want to submit. And its title.


:police:++REMEMBER++ :police:
- NO stealing works!!!
- BE polite to other members
- NO flaming, abusing, etc!
- You are NOT required to draw any Dragonlance/Raistlin Art to JOIN, but it's highly appreciated =) Just try to be active!

If you have any questions, feel free to ask! Send a note and you'll get a reply!


October, 2007
1. Say a few words about yourself. Like your interests, plans...

Me? Well, I have found myself acting and matching Raistlin's personality in every which way which was kind of odd but now I use that to my advantage. I also like anything to do with fantasy and of course Dragonlance.

2. When did you find out about 'Dragonlance' and who was the first character you liked? Has this changed over time?

I found out about Dragonlance during a school project on of last year. We had to make a summer reading list and I happened to be interested in dragons that day. I had found a few Dragonlance books that seemed interesting though I had no idea what they were about. When I first read Dragons of Autumn Twilight it seemed interesting, but when I reached the point when Tanis first talks to Raistlin I was instantly drawn to Raistlin for reasons I still do not know. And I still like him.

3. Assuming you're a member of Raistlin-Majere-club, you like Raistlin. What makes him special for you among other DL characters?

Why do I think Raistlin is special? He has gone through the same pain I have felt. I know how he feels and I match his personality. A perfect match.

4. And what you don't like about him?

What I do not like about Raistlin? Nothing! I like him as he is.

5. If you happen to meet Raistlin.. what would you say to him? :XD:

"My Lord *bow* I offer you my services."


:butterflytwo:Members :butterflytwo:
:iconrxellos: :iconsamurai-masami: :iconfem-rai: :iconnemure: :iconlazulyte: :icontheinnominated: :icondrumgirl: :icongothicmaiden: :iconoldschoolsteph: :iconcaribbeanblue: :icontabatrix: :iconemberroseart: :iconsissadora: :iconkyfth: :iconcellsart: :iconlisadora: :iconnemoda: :iconmyar: :iconsalladin: :icongreatcircleofstuff: :iconblackrose0607: :iconunseeliesluagh: :iconmartiss: :iconxundyl: :iconbohomazz: :iconsocialmoth: :iconlavonica: :iconagataka19: :iconluntary: :iconairasan: :iconamyntheoutcast: :iconrouxa: :iconpacosantoyo: :iconsabata3: :iconwinterdreamer: :icondark-prince666: :iconvrryoko: :icondalamar89: :iconthegreatpoptart: :iconnucleargirl: :iconremjie-malham: :iconsinetaar: :iconraistlover: :iconsilentwanderersc: :iconkniveschik24: :icondarkbolt-zetsui: :icondawnyuuki: :iconnearlysupremebeing: :icondjorgensen: :icondeathyimmortal: :icontwinenigma: :iconlinnscarlett: :iconjadeile: :iconsylviajohns: :iconsandalwood01: :iconyowassup: :iconhimika: :iconkoukei-hime: :iconjennyelf02: :icontiger-standingstill: :iconjennyelf02: :iconid0la: :icondaluca: :iconlandastra: :iconkitami-chan: :iconjugmoon: :iconpiccylo: :iconnikakun: :iconraakelh: :iconethuil88: :iconsanctarymoon: :iconmenkalinan: :iconkiknessa: :iconwinterelf86: :iconnalot: :iconsweetp409: :iconbao-dur-rocks: :iconsephary: :iconsmallnaughtyorc: :iconkael-thas-sunstrider: :icondaraja: :iconcicero-801: :iconkeelerleah: :iconclaw-ravenscroft: :iconguttergoo: :iconyuanfangirl: :icongingakuon: :iconinuyasha-majere: :iconmorningafterhangover: :iconaberdakitty: :icondrizzt-freak: :iconyoru-the-rogue: :iconnathaldron: :icon13isis: :icongabrielleblackparade: :iconfoxoftruth: :iconthenumber42: :iconbirdofj: :iconvenerablewise: :iconjustraistlin: :iconkostmeyer: :iconnighttransit: :iconluwe95: :iconpoffina: :iconconreeaght: :iconalyx-sama: :iconcainkinris: :iconneko-chiaki4: :icondragonvenom0910: :iconprofessoroakcane: :iconrevocat: :iconsqueezoid: :iconedetnitt: :iconvermilionmasquerade: :iconkaaper: :iconsmurf-reap: :iconkiesu: :iconmonica-ng: :iconuntermbettheuer: :iconhappy-snappy: :iconshunjou: :icondrottningfrey: :iconlifeismypassion:


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